Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tough week for Paul Hinman

Alberta Alliance leader Paul Hinman has had a tough week. He has been participating in negotiations with the Alberta Social Credit party for months about "uniting the right". In a news release dated March 26, 2006, Social Credit leader Laverne Ahlstrom announced that the merger was dead. Ahlstrom cited concerns that the merger talks really weren't about merger, but were an attempt by the Alberta Alliance to take over a historic party that has formed government in Alberta in the past:

The Socred Leader expressed concern that the merger talks may instead lead to a "takeover" rather than a "merger of equals" that would seriously compromise Social Credit's name, principles, and policies.

Unable to take a hint, Paul Hinman and his team then went after disgraced Tory cabinet minister Lyle Oberg. According to Calgary Herald columnist Tom Olsen, Paul Hinman was actively pursuing Oberg with an offer to join the Alberta Alliance. A snippet from Olsen's March 26 column can be read at the Alliance Opposition Blog in this post (along with Jonathan Williams' usual whine about negative press coverage).

However, according to a quote from Oberg published in the Brooks Bulletin on March 28, Oberg will be sitting as an Independent PC MLA:

I am going to be running for the leadership of the PC party and I will be sitting as an Independent PC MLA,” an upbeat Oberg told The Bulletin Tuesday morning.

Struck out again, eh Hinman?

Two attempts to expand the Alliance; two firm "no's" in response. I hope Hinman had more luck with dating than he's having with party building, or did he have to take his sister to the prom?

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